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The Aeon Owners Club

Jason Tribbeck (tribbles) - GT³ spyder

In the middle of being painted

Latest news

Due to the GDPR rules, I've had to reset everyone's passwords. Since there haven't been any postings for a while, I doubt anyone will notice! To log in, go to the login page, and go through the 'forgot your password' to get a new password emailed to you.
I've made some 2010 AOC calendars for you to download and print. (available online)
The server is now switched to a new one - please let me know if there are any problems with it.

Shows & Events

In the media

Justin's (scooby) GT3 is on the front cover of Complete Kit Car, and a 4-page spread, starting on page 14. Nice one! CKC video here.
Complete Kit Car - Detling report contains both the Epona model and chassis, but also my car (yay!)
Page 50 of the March edition of Complete Kit Car has a feature on the December Aeon open day, and Scooby's story continues on page 88.
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