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Mike's GT2

Mike Dobkin's GT2

Written by Jason Tribbeck
Today, I made a trip to have a look at Mike's GT2 in the flesh. The pictures he'd taken looked good, but there's nothing like seeing the real thing!
Luckily, the weather was good, and after a cup of coffee and a chat about what we'd done with our respective cars, he got it out.
Well - it's very nice indeed. With the sun out, the blue gleams out at you, and it's a really nice colour for the car. Looking at it, it's difficult to tell that this wasn't built by Aeon - the attention to detail is superb.
Body modifications
The first thing that you see is that the body doesn't look like other Aeons that are out there.
Mike not only designed the new front end (which Aeon now sells as an option), he has blended the coupé and spider rear sections together, created his own side intakes in the sills, and also put a vent into the top section. In fact, not a single panel has been left alone!
The new front end allows you to use new Mini headlamps and indicators, which can simplify things if you're making one - a couple have already been used by other builders. However, the rear section is a one-off, so if you want one similar, you'll have to make it yourself. Or ask Mike!
The interior is nicely trimmed in grey carpet and blue Alcantara, and the seats are similar to the ones used in the Ultima. They look very snug - you aren't going to go anywhere in them!
The central tunnel contains all the gearstick linkages, electrics, plumbing and handbrake mechanism, and there's a central console containing all the switch gear, and even a CD & radio. The front speakers are housed in the sills, and there are two sub-woofers behind the seats.
In addition to a glove box (which houses the fusebox) and a pocket in the central console, there is even a bit of storage space behind the seats - although don't expect to be able to put the family shopping there!
As I've said, the front lights are new Mini headlamps - they just fit into the holes at the front, and give the car a more "rounded" feel compared to the original Aeon offering - this suits the coupé body style very well.
Mike has used Alfa rear lights upsidedown to give the rear lights another unique feel.
The interior also has a large number of LEDs to provide lighting when getting in and out at night. Very futuresque!
The Ford Duratec 2.5 litre V6 is the engine of choice for this beast - just over 200bhp will propel this 825 kilo car from 0 to 60 in around 4 seconds. But even then, Mike wants to improve it still.
He's found a 6-speed gearbox from a Noble to replace the current 5-speed box, and is talking about supercharging the engine. That would make it a phenomenal animal.
Nitrous was also discussed...
Other touches
Not content with completely redesigning the body, he's the first to fit the upper door sections - and there's a remote controlled opening mechanism. So no door locks to distract from the style.
Mike designed a custom brake and washer fluid tank that sits amiably above the steering rack, following the lines of the chassis, and there's a vent which allows fresh air to enter the cabin when using the windscreen heater.
Look out for...
There will be a full article in the April edition of Which Kit Car? (written by Adam Wilkins - not me!)
Other pictures
Here are some other pictures I took

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