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News, shows and media

Latest news

Due to the GDPR rules, I've had to reset everyone's passwords. Since there haven't been any postings for a while, I doubt anyone will notice! To log in, go to the login page, and go through the 'forgot your password' to get a new password emailed to you.
I've made some 2010 AOC calendars for you to download and print. (available online)
The server is now switched to a new one - please let me know if there are any problems with it.
I will be moving the AOC server over the weekend of the 27th June. To make it easier for me, the site will not be available until it has been completed.
Okay, I made a slight mistake when I reconfigured the domain last week, and the site may have looked a bit ... odd. The problem has been identified and rectified, but it may take a couple of days to sort out...

Shows & Events

In the media

Justin's (scooby) GT3 is on the front cover of Complete Kit Car, and a 4-page spread, starting on page 14. Nice one! CKC video here.
Complete Kit Car - Detling report contains both the Epona model and chassis, but also my car (yay!)
Page 50 of the March edition of Complete Kit Car has a feature on the December Aeon open day, and Scooby's story continues on page 88.
Okay, so it's not a printed media article, but stannerz spotted this YouTube video with an Aeon in it.
Mike's GT2 is compared with some of the other cars featured during the past year, and does rather well!
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